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This real estate property development is located in Brgy Del Pilar, Castillejos, Subic Zambales. You will find everything you need when you choose this place. Even if you’re working in the metropolis or nearby towns, you won’t have to worry about showing up late for your appointments because of the excellent infrastructures, main access roads and highways and 24/7 available transportation systems.

From Metro Manila, it only takes two hours and 37 minutes via the R8 or E1 Road and then North Luzon W Expressway. On the other hand, going to Clark, Pampanga for work, study or business, you will only need one hour and 34 minutes to reach your destination through the North Luzon W Expressway.  If you’re going to Baguio City,   travel time is only three hours and 45 minutes via the N. Luzon Expressway.

However, Subic isn’t only near these locations, but it is also a growing spot for commerce, economy and business. But aside from a promising place for growth, the Fiesta Communities Castillejos also offers you and your families with the best of the best in amenities and facilities that will make your lives simply more beautiful and exciting!

In the property, there is a Bayanihan Hall, a spacious and elegant, modern venue to host different community events, gatherings and parties. It is a social and interactive feature that helps you nurture relationships with new neighbors and with your loved ones.  

Get to know new friends and grow your social circles. Network with fellow residents and add them to your friends’ list. Who knows?  You might be able to build new businesses with them in this promising location in Zambales.

If you want to stay fit but then don’t have the time to spare in nearby gyms and fitness centers located outside of Fiesta Communities Castillejos, then worry no more! Find the very own community, outdoor gym of this residential property, where to perform your reps and sets without traveling and spending time to go to a gym in nearby places. Do your daily cardio and bodyweight exercises in the excellent outdoor gym to find in the vicinity.

Speaking of staying fit, residents can also run or walk in the jogging path in the property. It will also keep you healthy to spend a few minutes a day for your cardio exercises. In addition to a jogging path, the property also features a play court or a basketball court where to enjoy a sports session with new friends and your loved ones. Play your favorite sports, which also include badminton or volleyball, in the play court open for all the residents. 

These and more are the great features of the Fiesta Communities Castillejos that will make your life more enjoyable, healthier and fun!  Investing in the property, you can be sure of life’s pleasures that you won’t find in other residential properties in the location. So aside from being near places of interest, schools, churches and commercial centers, the Fiesta Communities Castillejos is also offering you with resort-like features, facilities and amenities that you will surely love!

  • Outdoor Gym Equipments
  • Jogging Track
  • Basketball Court
  • Bayanihan Hall
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