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Be one of the proud and happy homeowners of a unit at Fiesta Communities Castillejos! It is a promising spot for your dream home and life! The property features all that you need for a convenient and modern lifestyle. It gets you closer to the most important places, such as hospitals, churches and schools!

The property is also situated in a promising spot for tourism, business and economy.  And if you’re looking at setting up a business in this location, then the more you may want to choose one of the housing units available at the Fiesta Communities Castillejos.

Choose from a number of housing types such as rowhouse baresingle, duplex 2Br, duplex 3BR, single-attached bungalow, single-attached home or couple bungalow. For every need and budget, there is sure to be the perfect housing unit for you and your loved ones.

There are also many pleasurable and top of the line amenities and facilities to find in the Fiesta Communities Castillejos. A few of these include a play court or basketball court, a jogging path, and an outdoor gym, to name some. They will make your life and your loved ones lives more enjoyable living in the self-sustainable community where there is also ample water and electricity supply.

The location is also an ideal spot for businesses and growth. One of the main sources of income is tourism. So if you’re looking to invest in a business while living here, you can be sure of a promising return. Speaking of return on investment, the value of homes and real estate properties in Subic also appreciates over time.

Invest in a great location where to find them all! Choose Fiesta Communities Castillejos. Chat with us now!


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